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high performance Headphone amplifer

When any amplifier is not good enough.. Powerful sound always on tap by Eleven Audio.

This sentence was written by the boss of Abis. I am not good at English and I am not very good at translation.

A newcomer shows the world the true sound of music. Solid state dual mono amplifier modules deliver stunning speed and clarity, with detailed bass and drums to cymbal and string instruments, on up beyond perception, the Formula S amp is tuned for the highest resolution music and headphones. Impeccable balance, smooth and clear to the source, excellent bass definition, simply an excellent amp. And it’s stout size takes up less real estate on your desktop.

A new work shows the world the true sound of music. The solid dual mono amplifier module delivers sound with incredible speed and transparency. From bass, drums, cymbals to strings, the details are full and beyond perception. The Formula S amp is the highest standard for music and headphones. No flaws in balance, smooth and clear reduction, low frequency is great. Simply put, it is a good amp. And the volume is not big.

design concept

Still speaking from Joe, the owner of the two brands, Abyss and JPS Labs. I first met Joe and his Abyss AB-1266 headphones at the CES show in January 2014. The experience in Las Vegas that year is still vivid. Petite Jojo comes from Final, the genius of the white-haired eagle, the Jaben boss of Singapore, Wilson, and Joe, who shared a room at the Venetian Hotel. Joe is about 1 meter 85 big, confident and optimistic, and the thick New York accent is flying. But his Abyss headphones obviously grabbed the owner's limelight and could only be described as crazy. As soon as the guests put on their headphones, they always closed their eyes in horror, and then they swayed with the sound waves and could not stop. In 2014, AB-1266 finally let the headset market know that dynamics, transparency, sound field, unimaginable energy, invincible low frequency, static system-like details can finally be gathered in front of everyone in a headset.

However, the funny thing is that this headset is not easy to understand except for the unsolvable and uncomfortable. For the first time, it was driven by a tens of kilograms of split Woo Audio bile. Several people carried it in and out.

Later, until all kinds of marriage coincidences, I became the promotion spokesperson of Abyss headphones and JPS Labs wire in China, and finally decided to concentrate on making an amp that can pass 1266. I estimate that there are 50 times in the size debugging process. Joe, who likes this amp, likes to have a full set of internal wires for the Formula S, a total of 11 pieces. And authorized me to hit the "Wired with JPS Labs" logo on the amp. Now Abyss is also selling the Formula S amp. Thanks to Joe, his JPS Labs wire makes the Formula S directly touched by the Hiend, which makes the Formula S and his Abyss headphones blend.

In my mind, designing amplifiers, amps, and preamps is a completely different project, and even has the feeling of being separated like a mountain. Special thanks to Philippe Chambon, the design god of Nagra, Switzerland for his unreserved guidance and inspiration. In recent years, I have always seized any possible opportunity to talk to him for a while. Benefit from design principles to technical details. Without him, Formula S would not be able to directly enter the ranks of top amps as a new work.

The first challenge of Formula S is to name the AB-1266 headset. Because it is difficult to push, the user is using a thick and powerful horsepower machine to serve. As a result, 1266 left a reputation in the Chinese market for "sound, anger, and American voice." This is simply too outrageous. This is obviously due to the shortcomings of the big amps that are loud and loud. 1266 itself is actually very clean, very transparent, very delicate. The Formula S+1266 show has gone through many shows. The audience was all amazed by the boundless sound field, the delicate and clean sound, the amazing sense of scale and the low frequency performance. No one has ever said that 1266 is thick.

The second question that is often questioned is why not make a balanced version. In fact, if you just change from a single-ended version to a balanced version, you can double the cost and use two channels of amplification modules. The balanced topology will superimpose the odd harmonics in the FFT to cancel the even harmonics, and finally increase the specific gravity of the odd harmonics. It sounds like the balance structure will be more hifi, the sound is more "quality". In fact, the sound hardens and reduces the delicateness. The more powerful the amplifier, the less it can do. So those extremely expensive hiend amplifiers, even if they are balanced inputs, are single-ended rather than balanced.

Formula S has made a strong thrust and delicate sound with a single-ended structure, and I am very satisfied. It is possible to play balance games in battery-powered amp products in the future. But Formula S is a powerful full discrete single-ended amplifier. The circuit architecture is almost at the textbook level, and it is appropriate to use the "equation" to name it.

Someone else asked me, is Formula S really a Class A? Why not hot?

Formula S is of course all Class A, with an output power of about 2W+2W, a little more than 4W. The design efficiency is about 20%, and the power consumption of the whole machine is more than 20W. The temperature will not be too high. very safe. In fact, some of the peers have made it too overwhelming to make the pancakes. Too low efficiency does not necessarily mean that the indicator will be good, and to this extent, the life of expensive parts inside becomes problematic. Security also needs to be worried.Is the MOSFET still BJT? There has always been a misunderstanding in the hearts of enthusiasts that MOSFETs are timid. Round and smooth. Actually. The input impedance of the MOSFET has a ratio to the bile duct, but the input capacitance can be hundreds of times larger than the bile duct, which is incomparable. MOSFETs can't be timid. The real good daring is of course good, please refer to LampizatOr. Formula S is a fully discrete amplifier circuit structure, BJT output stage. Bipolar transistors are much better analog amplifier components than FETs.

I also recommend customers to use Formula S to match other brands of flat-panel headphones. For example, I personally like the HEKV2. High-resistance moving earphones such as the HD800 can also turn the sound field on and at the mid-range to push out the density, and prove to the world that the HD800 has low frequency!


High quality design and components throughout

All aluminum construction with brushed aluminum front panel

Provides three most popular connections for high performance headphones,

1/4″ (6.3 mm), 4 pin XLR, and dual 3 pin XLR

Adjustable ALPS volume control goes from ‘zero to Eleven’

ALPS Potentiometer starts at 11 o'clock

Output protection and turn-on/turn-off delay keeps your high end headphone investment safe.

Complete protection for headphones


Single set of RCA inputs wired direct to the volume control with JPS Labs Alumiloy® wire (no switches or extra circuit paths)

一组RCA输入,internal use JPS Labs Alumiloy®Patented wire

Mains input: 110/220 VAC switchable, standard grounded IEC AC cord socket

Standard power interface115/230通用。

Circular connector for future options (battery supply, etc)

Huge circular expansion interface


  • Output: 2.1 watts into 46 ohms
  • Input Z: 10 Kohms
  • Input Sensitivity: 1000 mV
  • Gain: Selectable 10 dB (Low) / 16 dB (High)
  • THD: 0.0006% @ 300 mW, distortion character compensated for high-end music playback
  • Noise floor: -110 dBV
  • Dimensions: 24 cm x 29.3 cm x 13 cm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg (10.5 lbs) (amp only)

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